Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join myWilliams Loyalty Program?
What are the benefits of signing up for the myWilliams Loyalty Program?
Are my rewards based on my total spend?
How do I keep track of my rewards balance?
How do I see my Rewards balance?
My profile shows a 'Gift Card Balance' and a 'Rewards Balance'. What is the difference?
What is the difference between a Gift Card and a myWilliams Loyalty Card?
How do I redeem my 5% cash back reward?
How soon after purchase will I be able to see my updated myWilliams Rewards balance?
Can I earn rewards on alcoholic beverages?
I have a problem with my account, can you help me?
Can I add my own rewards?
I forgot my card when I made a purchase – can my rewards be added after the fact?
The cashier did not ask me for my card – can my rewards be added to my account after the fact?
I used to see a ‘Points Balance’ when I logged into my account, but now it shows a ‘Rewards Balance’ with a dollar amount. I have never cashed in any points – what has happened to my points?
I have lost my card – what should I do?
I just got my card tonight! I didn’t know about this program and I have been coming here for a long time. Can I get tonight’s bill (or any of my previous bills) added to my account?
My friend does not have or want a card. Can I use my card to collect rewards when he pays his bill?