Serving great coffee has always been our tradition. Our Williams Signature Blend combines carefully chosen South American, Central American and African beans to bring out a harmoniously rich flavour.
It’s a medium light roast that offers a very full body with rich acidity and overtones of fine wines, and underlying tones of chocolate,
fruit and nuttiness. A rewarding start to your day.

Coffee for 10 People

$20 for 10 People (5 Cals)

Coffee for 16 People

$32 for 16 People (5 Cals)

Available Coffee

Williams Fresh Cafe Signature Blend
Bold Roast
Decaf ( Caffeine Free)

Premium Tea

An assortment of Herbal & Flavoured Teas. Minimum 10 people.

Tea for 10 People

$20 for 10 People (5 Cals)

Tea for 16 People

$32 for 16 People (5 Cals)

Available Premium Teas

Chai Tea
Herbal Peppermint
Earl Grey Black
Herbal Chamomile
Orange Pekoe Decaf
Herbal Honey & Lemon
Green Tea

Assorted Soft Drinks

A selection of carbonated beverages including Coca Cola (regular, diet), Sprite, Nestea Iced Tea (regular or diet, bottles only).

355 ml cans

$1.75 (0-200 Cals)

500 ml bottles

$2.75 (0-280 Cals)

Assorted Juices

A variety of fruit juice including Apple, Orange, Grapefruit & Cranberry.

355 ml cans

$2.75 (220-240 Cals)

Spring Water

$2.00 (0 Cals)

Sparkling Water

$2.75 (0 Cals)


473 ml cartons $3

2% (250 Cals) & Chocolate Milk (320 Cals)